Quantum Insurance short

Quantum Insurance is a comedy short (14:20).

Dan Kavanaugh: Ray, insurance agent
Alicia Sweeney: Sigrid, a museum guide/insurance agent
Liza Skinner: Grekov, hacker gang leader
Jarrett Ervin: Chance
Tyris Lee: Eyo, hacker gang member
Andrew Nichols: Wolff, assassin for the hacker gang
Pajvak Kiumarsi: Freydoon, a museum guard
Nick Beschen: police officer Nick Brion
Katrina Atsinger: police dispatcher

Mark Hildebrand: sound, AD, production planning,
Julien Jacques: shooter, AD, sound, production planning,
Marcus Wolf: shooter, production planning,
Laurie Kinner: make-up, sound assistant, production assistant,
Jarrett Ervin: sound assistant,
David Joyner: writer/director/shooter/editor
Els Withers: story co-writer

This short is an edited version of the 4 episodes previously posted on vimeo.

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